After many years of searching, three Dutch friends eventually found the absolute perfect place to produce Tuscany’s most secret red wine: Segreto. A completely isolated vineyard, small and flat, surrounded by trees and thickets. The exact location is Pratini in the municipality of Suvereto. Located in the southern part of Tuscany, not far from the island of Elba’s coast. The Cabernet Sauvignon grapes which grow on this vineyard, which measures just over one hectare in size, have secretly been producing Tuscany’s ultimate red wine for seventeen years. In complete serenity, unnoticed by the outside world.

A wine which reflects all the ingredients needed to become something quite grand: soil, climate, grape variety, location, people and knowledge. Segreto certainly isn’t something which has ‘simply happened’, it requires a team of Italian specialists who manage to work their magic and get the very best out of these ingredients year after year, with extraordinary dedication, a nature-friendly approach and incredible craftsmanship.

This has subsequently created a rare wine which, matured in the very best French oak barrels, can compete with the absolute top. A red wine which smells of stewed red fruit, moist warm soil and blackcurrants. Sultry, deep, earthy and structured. You’ll notice some notes of dark chocolate, tea leaf, cigar and a pinch of black pepper will start to form part of the equation after some time in the glass.

A complete and complex wine which is absolutely brimming with character and particularly appreciated by top gastronomy sommeliers and experienced wine lovers. People who know and appreciate the better wines from Bolgheri. And understand that patience is a virtue. That’s because the very first Segreto is only seeing the light of day for the first time after almost eight years. So it’s definitely about time we reveal the secret.