Three Dutch friends decided to embark on a mission to Italy more than seventeen years ago. They found the most beautiful place to quietly work on creating the ultimate Tuscan red wine. And now the time has come to reveal that secret. A well-kept secret and a long-cherished wish has finally come to an end with its unveiling. Let’s cut to the chase..

Make our own

The three friends regularly enjoyed a good glass of wine together, preferably a nice Italian red. And that’s how the initial idea of starting a search in Italy came about and to subsequently find even better wine there. Wine which almost no one knew about. Surely that had to be possible? Until one of them decided to put on their naughty shoes: “You know what, guys? I’ve got a much better idea. We’re not going to go in search of that wine, we’re going to make it ourselves!’ See, that’s the right mentality. So off they went to Bella Italia, off to Tuscany.

Absolute top

You’ll find the Suvereto wine region along Italy’s west coast, in South Western Tuscany to be precise. A small vineyard is hidden in the hamlet of Pratini, just north of the island of Elba, approximately 20 kilometres from the coast. Flat, and effectively sheltered by trees. Where several rows of grape vines await a promising harvest every year. Where nature truly gives and where people make necessary adjustments, but intervene as little as possible. Because they’re professionals. They know the land and how the wind, sun and sea affects everything. They know exactly how to transform the ripe purple flesh into a delicious drink which has been colouring our world for centuries: red wine. And not just any old red wine. Wine which can compete with the absolute top among Tuscan red wines.

Secret mission

There was one specific thing the three friends were incredibly clear on. You need to leave the specialist work to the real specialists. That’s why a team of local experts has made this red wine what it is today. Producer Giuseppe Brancatelli, a Sicilian by birth, is at the base of this team, who boasts an impressive wine and catering career in the Netherlands. He owns Azienda Agricola Biologica Brancatelli, close to the secret vineyard and is very familiar with the ins-and-outs of the Tuscan landscape.

The team also includes Gabriele Cesolini, an agronomist, and Alessandro Accetta, our in-house oenologist, who is responsible for the vineyards and winery. The last ally is external oenologist Graziana Grassini, the lady who single-handedly designed the most famous Bolgheri wine ever: Sassicaia. She’s had a major say in the choices the team has made in order to decide on Segreto’s eventual style since 2014. These are the professionals who are truly bringing this wine to life.

The three friends were all there on location, contributed to ideas and enjoyed the tastings along the way. And they noticed it was a good thing that their secret mission – year after year – was getting closer and closer to realising success.

In top form

That’s because Segreto’s secret has been around for some time. Without there being any need for anyone to know, plenty of filled bottles stood shoulder to shoulder, silently anticipating the right moment. An Italian secret which can therefore justifiably be called ‘Segreto’. And we’re now ready to break that silence. Segreto is going to see the light of day. To literally make eyes roll and jaws drop. To make wine lovers’ nostrils quiver and to infinitely pleasure the palate. Well, infinitely… There is a second revelation we need to admit to: we don’t have huge quantities of this wine. But that’s something we’re not going to keep secret.

Segreto is being launched in the form of the 2015 vintage. This wine is now certainly in top form after eight years. Ready to drink, as the experts would say. And that will continue to be the case for many years to come. So you can either enjoy it now, or save it for later. But, above all else, enjoy. Wine is for drinking, even if there’s only a limited amount of it. That’s the only way to be sure Segreto (no longer) holds any secrets for you.